Ken Chong’s journey with the Tournament of Roses spans across two decades, marked by rich experiences with various committees. From his initial introduction into membership nearly 21 years ago, to his current role as the Chair of the Press Photo Trophy Committee, Ken enjoys reflecting on his Tournament journey. “After serving on several committees, I’ve found a shared connection with people from all walks of life. No matter their parade or game experience, there’s always a bond we can share,” said Ken.

For Ken, the heart of his involvement lies in the profound impact the Tournament of Roses has on the community. “Being part of an organization that’s intertwined with countless memories and traditions is special,” he expresses wholeheartedly. “And doing it alongside friends made over my 21 years as a Member adds to the joy.”

As Ken steps into his first year as a Chair, he approaches it with a mix of excitement and humility. Embracing his new role with the Press Photo Trophy Committee, Ken eagerly anticipates the unique perspectives it will offer. “Watching the Parade from Press Stand 1 and safeguarding the Sweepstakes Trophy will be exciting firsts for me,” he shares with enthusiasm. “I’m hoping to fulfill my responsibilities without any hiccups,” he says. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for preserving the essence of the Parade, Ken is poised to make his mark in this new capacity.

Reflecting on past experiences, one “Best Day Ever!” moment stands out as particularly memorable for Ken. “Being the Float Liaison for the Natural Balance Float with the skateboarding dogs was unforgettable,” he recalls fondly of the record-setting unit which was deemed the world’s heaviest and longest float in Rose Parade history. “The energy and excitement along the Parade route made it the Best Day Ever!”

Ken Chong is a dedicated steward of kindness and hard work. With his unwavering commitment and enthusiasm for the Tournament of Roses and its membership, Ken continues to enrich the legacy of the Tournament, ensuring its enduring impact on generations to come.