PASADENA, Calif. (April 1, 2023) – Today, the Rose Parade, one of the most highly anticipated and celebrated events of the year, is proud to announce a groundbreaking change to its traditional use of natural materials in the construction of parade floats. In an effort to continue innovating and embracing sustainability, the Rose Parade has decided to include hair as a natural material for use in the creation of floats.

This revolutionary update comes after extensive research and development by the Rose Parade team to identify sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional natural materials. Hair, being a biodegradable and renewable resource, emerged as a promising solution that aligns with the Rose Parade’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

The use of hair in parade floats presents a unique opportunity to showcase the versatility and beauty of this often-overlooked natural material. As with the standard rule of all other natural materials, the hair cannot be dyed, however it may be styled and shaped. The addition of hair will undoubtedly add a new level of creativity and artistry to the already stunning displays of the Rose Parade.

“We are thrilled to introduce hair as a natural material for our parade floats as big hair is abundant in California,” said David Eads, CEO of the Tournament of Roses. “We just couldn’t resist the temptation to add some extra flair to our floats. This innovative update represents our ongoing commitment to sustainability and showcases our dedication to creativity and excellence in design. I can already see it – a float with a giant hairdo that rivals even the biggest of Texas hair. We’re going to need some strong hairspray for this one!”

The Rose Parade remains committed to upholding its legacy of bringing together diverse communities, celebrating creativity, and honoring the natural beauty of the world around us. With the inclusion of hair as a natural material, the Rose Parade is poised to continue setting the standard for innovation and sustainability in the world of parades and beyond.

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We would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to April F. Ools, our resident hair stylist, for her exceptional contribution in bridging the gap between modern technology and the timeless artistry of hair. Ms. Ool’s unwavering commitment to her craft and her ability to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques have made her an indispensable member of our team. We are grateful for her passion, creativity, and hard work, and we look forward to her continued success in her career.

Thank you, April F. Ools.