Have you met Regina Major? If so, you know she’s an outstanding member. If you haven’t, now is your chance. This year you can find Regina serving as an At-Large Member of the Executive Committee. When she’s not swamped with Tournament duties, you may find her at the beach. She LOVES the beach, especially Maui, Hawaii and Laguna. She might even be at the botanical gardens, art shows, enjoying nature, singing at church or just spending downtime with friends and family.

Whatever she’s doing, you bet she will continue to serve our community and collaborate with Tournament. Her real hope is to gain opportunities to utilize her educational background in planning future Tournament Events.

Early Life

As a local, Regina grew up attending the Rose Parade with friends and family. Just imagine, standing on Colorado Boulevard, the wide street, like a stone river with giant floats drifting by. She was mesmerized. As a teen, Regina worked on the floats, decorating and bringing them to life. When Regina went off to college, she kept Pasadena and the Rose Parade close, never missing it whether it be in person as a spectator on the sidewalk or watching it on tv early in the morning. She even attended Bandfest, Decorating Places and Post Parade often. When Regina started her own family, her love for the Rose Parade flourished through her daughter. A few years ago, Regina’s daughter marched in the Parade with the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) Pasadena All-Star Band. “It was an amazing experience being a band parent and learning all the Tournament behind the scenes.” It was the experience that fueled her interest in learning more about the Tournament of Roses.


Regina grew up in Altadena and attended schools in Pasadena, including Pasadena City College. After receiving her Teaching Credential and master’s degree, she taught in private schools and eventually joined PUSD as a teacher. She’s been teaching for over 35 years ranging from Pre-K through first grade and even Summer Enrichment for all primary grades. Currently, she is the Arts Magnet Grant Coordinator for Altadena Arts Magnet, a role she has held for the last five years.

As an educator and coordinator, her passion for community bloomed. “I’ve been very involved in the Pasadena community. Special district events, Pasadena Sister Cities, Pasadena Educational Foundation (PEF), and No Boundaries-Art Night Pasadena.”


Where did her love of Pasadena, education and community efforts lead her? To a fabulous friendship with Deborah “The Smile Lady” Johnson (now retired Tournament of Roses member). Deborah recommended Regina join the Tournament of Roses. It was the use of three words that hooked Regina – Efficiency. Tradition. Professionalism. Deborah also shared how wonderful it was to volunteer for the Association. That’s how you recruit!

Regina always admired how much the Tournament of Roses gave to the community. “As an educator with PUSD over the years, I have seen how they partner with PEF, schools and support many organizations through the Tournament of Roses Foundation. All reasons for me to want to be part of the Tournament family.”

The Tournament is a wonderful opportunity to serve our local community. There are 32 committees, a variety of duties and leadership roles available. “It’s a commitment, but you will be part of Pasadena’s amazing tradition.” Regina has been a member for 13 years and will continue for many years to come. She leaves you with an amazing memory from her 2022 Rose Parade season:

The highlight of this past Rose Parade was being part of the Queen & Court Committee. Our Royal Court was amazing! What an awesome group of young women. There were many special moments leading up to the Parade. My favorites, however, were Royal Court Weekend Retreat in Solvang (fun at the Ostrich Farm), Royal Court visit to my school Altadena Arts Magnet (tour and our Tea Party) and lastly, the morning of the 1st, preparing our Court for the Parade. Early morning hair and makeup, interviews, escorting them out of the house and watching their expressions as they prepare to head down the Parade route. I felt like I was putting my seven daughters on the float. It brought tears to my eyes. We were so proud of them.